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117. Shurpanakha enticed Ravana with Seetha.

                 However, Shurpanakha,s bitter and violent assault on him, that too in the presence of his ministers and others made Ravana infuriated. Had it been any one other than his dear sister Shurpanakha then this chapter would have been a condolence report of that person. Suppressing his anger he asked Shurpanakha many questions like who that Rama was, how brave was he, what mien and what might he was, why did he come to Dandaka forest, by which weapon he killed Khara, Duushan and Trishira. Then he stared at Shurpanakha and exclaimed "Hi! What have you done with your ugly nose and the repulsive ears? Really you look nice without those horrid appendages!"
                 Shurpanakha replied "Rama is said to be the eldest son of the king Dhasharatha of Khosala kingdom. His arms are lengthy, eyes broad, and he wears just jute-cloths and skin of black-deer. He looks like Kandarpa, his bow with its golden fillets is similar to Indra's Rainbow in sheen, and yanking it out he showered flaring iron arrows that are like the deadly poisonous snakes. His stretching of his bow and shooting arrows were so quick that no one could see it. I saw the entire army being annihilated on the battleground.  I saw the cloudburst of arrows. Like a rich reap is thrashed out by the hailstorms of Indra the fourteen thousand rakshashas of fiendish might were killed. Like that he concluded the battle with the killing of Khara and Duushana.
              "He has come for the protection of the rishis and Dandaka is now restored to safety for their ascetic practices through Rama. He is accompanied by his brother called Lakshmana who looks quite resplendent and matches his brother in bravery, and an adherent devotee of his brother. That chap Lakshmana is an irritable, invincible victor, and a clever, coercive conqueror, and is the right-hand man and the peripherally moving life of Rama.
             "They didn't spare me. Because I am a young and beautiful lady they did not kill me but humiliated me by cutting my nose and ears.
             "Rama is accompanied by his wife. With broad eyes, face similar to a full-moon, with her refined hairdo, fine nose, also with fine-looks she is glorious, and she is a paragon of beauty and moving like an angel in those woods she is beaming forth like a temporal Goddess Lakshmi.
              "Her complexion is in the shade of refined gold, and that auspicious one's nails are rosy and jutting. Her hips are curvaceous and her waist is slim. Seetha is her name. She is the daughter of the King of Videha. She is certainly not any goddess, nor any female gandharva, or yaksha, or kinnaraa. I have not seen such a pretty woman on the surface of earth, earlier.
               "Anyone to whom Seetha becomes wife and with whom she gladly hugs, he lives grandly in all the worlds, even more than Indra. In short she is the beautiful lady par excellence. She by her conduct, by her laudable physique, by her unequaled aspects, she, in my opinion, will be the most appropriate wife for you and you will be her best and most suitable husband. 
               "I wanted to make a surprise and enchanting present to you of that broad-hipped, fatty and bulgy breasted and the most charming faced Seetha. When I went in to their hermitage to take her and bring her to Lanka and present you as a wife, the cruel and ubiquitous Lakshmana pounced on me and disfigured me. Oh, my dearest brother with mighty shoulders! If you see her now that Vaidehi with her face lit like a full-moon, Kama will shoot his arrows on you with impunity and you will be ready to become a slave to her when she becomes your wife. And if an opinion is set on in you to make her as your wife, quickly upraise your right foot aspiring victory and set it on towards Dandaka.
            "Oh, the king of rakshashas, if you have any doubt in my words, I suggest you go and see her yourself and once you set your eyes on her, no power on all the worlds can prevent you from bringing her to Lanka and makeing her your most dear wife. 
              "But keeping in mind that Rama with his powerful and bewildering array of arrows destroyed the entire army positioned at Janasthaana including the mighty Khara and Duushana, it is advisable not to get entangled with any conflict with that Rama or his brother Lakshmana."
              Ravana stared at his sister thoughtfully for a few moments and nodded all his ten heads in agreement. 

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