Friday, 20 December 2013

116. The artful maneuver of Shurpanakha.

                         Shurpanakha was apprehensive to inform Ravana the real reason for her defacement as her brother was not irrational or absolutely approving injustice in all cases. She decided that taunting him would be the best course for her. 
Accordingly she started scornfully "Blissfully infatuated with lustful gratifications you are completely unaware of the calamity visited your kingdom.  The same was very much observable by you, but you are unobservant of it for the reason that you are clinging to earthy pleasures.  You seem to have forgotten or ignored that fact that clinging to earthy pleasures by a king is unhonoured by his people, like a crematory fire.
              "A king who does not deal with the concerns of his kingdom in person is liable to be leading his kingdom to ruins.
               "When spies are not utilized properly, or the king is not perceivable or not self-disciplined, people will just eschew such a king as an elephant does the mud of river from a distance.
               "Without keeping the kingdom under your personal control, the administration is shuffled onto the ministers and army personnel like Khara, Duushana, and these figureheads become the tide rip for they quarrel among themselves about the kingship of Lanka after your ruin, and they alone are floating like oceanic tides up above your head and thus you are a submerged sovereign.
                "You are belligerent with sensible gods, gandharvas and other rakshashas, and devoid of intelligent agents. How a vacillating king like you can thrive as a king?
                 "In your carefree and casual approach you are completely ignorant of the looming dangers. The king who does not keep his spies, treasuries and strategies in his personal control will be looked upon like the peasantry among kings. A king should endeavour to make him called a 'prescient king.'
               "I believe that you have no spies worth their profession, and you are associated with artless ministers worthy only to worship you, and you do not seem to perceive the seriousness of the complete ruination of all of your subjects including Khara and Duushana in Janasthaana, that too by a single human. Fourteen thousand rakshashas of dreadful deeds were killed by only one Rama. 
                "That Rama promised security to the sages at the Dandaka forest and did it very well. He assaulted Janasthaana and vanquished it. You have not taken any reprisal for that. It is obviously due to the reason that you are but a greedy and insensate, besides being under the control of others, may they be the appeasers of your lusts, or these artless ministers, or those underpaid unfaithful spies. 
                 "Only such a king who is overbearing, under-payer, insensate, self-conceited, and dubious will be insensitive towards such a strife.
                  "When a king is self-centred and rules with conceit, loves adulation and a spitfire too, even his own people will destroy him.
                  "He who does not rule as per the norms for a king will quickly be overthrown from his kingdom and on becoming debased, he will be looked upon by his own people as a piece of straw. The dried wood-sticks, or even the dried-up globs and even dust are of some avail, but the king collapsed from his position is looked upon as dirt even by his own kith and kin. A derelict king, though functional will be treated in the same way as an used up raiment and a crumpled down flower tassel
              "A king who is cautious, clever and a conscientious one with controlled senses can stay sustainably as king. He who keeps his mental eyes of wariness wakeful while he slept well closing his physical eyes and he whose gall and grace are made evident to people without any concealment or cunningness will be revered by his people.
               "But, Oh, dear brother, you have imprudently discarded these merits, and as such you are ignorant of the very great massacre of rakshashas.
                "Humiliating others and hobnobbing with your ravishments, and incognisant of the object for apportionment of time and place for your activities, as to when and where and how the things are to be dealt with, you have completely ignored the required and desired kingly activities. You are mindless in deciding rights and wrongs which are ruining your kingdom and are in imperilment before long."
                    The long and accusing speech of his sister made Ravana pensive.

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