Wednesday, 6 July 2016

364. Ravana's charioteer sneaked him away from the battle-field.

            The intolerable anger made Ravana to determine to fight to kill that human Rama. With great effort Ravana started to oppress Rama with thousands of arrows, as a rainy cloud would fill a pond with thousands of arrow-like torrents from the sky.
           But our inimitable Rama did not wince. He stood firm like a large mountain which was unshakable. Rama effortlessly warded off the arrows of Ravana with his arrows.
        Ravana, highly irritated by his failure to at least wound that fellow, Rama, tried some thousands of arrows into the breast of Rama. Rama, hit by some the thousands of arrows of Ravana looked as if he was bathed in blood in the battle-field, appeared like a very big Kimshuka tree with bloom, in a forest.
         The space between Rama and Ravana in the battle-field was shrouded in darkness by their arrows. Rama angrily shouted at Ravana “You lousy rakshash! Since you took away my helpless wife from Janasthana surreptitiously, you are not a person of prowess.
       “You do not seem to have any shame for the cowardly action of laying your hands on another’s wife. On the other hand, you seem to be thinking of yourself as a champion for doing such a cowardly, spineless, craven, abject, dastardly, boneless, timorous, weak-kneed and pusillanimous act.
      “Now, I'm gonna make you reap the stupendous fruit of that noxious and contemptible act of stealing the wife of someone. 
     “Had you tried to lay your hands on Seetha in my presence, you surely would have made to join your brother Khara at that very moment by my arrows. Now that you have come within the range of my vision, I will dispatch you to the world of your departed ancestors."
          Rama, then poured out streams of arrows on Ravana. The prowess, the strength, the enthusiasm and the stamina of the arms of Rama became manifold when he longed for the death of his enemy in battle. All kinds of mystic missiles came to light in the mind of Rama. With the speed of lightning, he tormented Ravana vehemently. While being struck by volleys of stones hurled by the monkeys and the showers of arrows coming from Rama, Ravana felt bewildered at heart. Ravana  no longer was able to take up weapons, nor stretch his bow, nor reacted to Rama’s prowess. All his heads started reeling with confusion.
         The arrows and the missiles hurled by him against Rama were not effective. He started acting like a madman. Seeing Ravana reduced to such a pitiable plight, the charioteer driving the chariot, without getting excited, calmly and quickly carried off his chariot away from the battle-front.

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