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370. The lamentation of Vibhishana.

             Vibhishana, though left Ravana and joined his (i.e. Ravana's) enemy, was very much fond of his brother, Ravana. His inherent love and affection for his brother, Ravana, burst out seeing him lying down dead in the battle field. Vibhishana could not help lamenting "O my dear bro! I could not bear the sight of you lying killed on the ground, though you are highly worthy of turning towards lofty beds,  No one is more valiant, celebrated and prudent in polity than you. Your long arms decked with armlets, are now motionless and your diadems, brilliant as the sun, are knocked down. How nice it would have been had you not done the hideous act for which you are made to lie lifeless on the ground.
           "O my dear valiant brother! This would not have happened had you accepted my advice. Unfortunately you were overcome with sensuality and infatuation. Because of your arrogance,  as well as that of Prahasta, Indrajit, Kumbhakarna, Atiratha and Narantaka, you did not  agree to my sane and sensible counsel, the consequence of it has come now.
          "You, the foremost hero of all heroes, who wield weapons, has fallen on the ground. The established rule of well-conducted persons has gone. The incarnation of virtue has departed. The epitome of strength has gone. The refuge of eulogies has gone out of sight. The sun has fallen to the earth. The moon has merged in darkness. Fire has extinguished its flames and a strenuous effort has become inactive.
      "What is remaining in this world now, when Ravana the foremost of rakshashas, is at present lying in everlasting sleep in the dust? With firmness for its shoot, endurance for its excellent blossom, asceticism for its strength, and valour for its firm root, the large tree in the shape of Ravana has been crushed in the battle-field, by the tempest in the shape of Rama.
          "With sharpness for its tusks, the line of ancestors for its back-bone, anger for its lower parts and graciousness for its proboscis, the elephant in rut in the shape of Ravana is lying inert on the ground, its body having been overthrown by a lion in the shape of Rama. With prowess and power for its expanded flames, sighs for its smoke and his native strength for its glowing heat, the blazing fire in the shape of Ravana, the rakshash has been extinguished in the battle-field by the rainy cloud in the shape of Rama.
        "With the rakshashas for its tail, hump and horn and fickleness for its ears and eyes, the bull in the shape of Ravana the rakshash, the conqueror of its enemies, which vied with the wind in energy, is lying dead, struck down by a tiger in the shape of Rama, the ruler of the earth."
          Seeing Vibhishana in deep sorrow mourning the death of his dear brother, Rama pacified him by "My dear Vibhi! Ravana did not die in battle without making an effort. He has fallen in combat, even though he was endowed with terrible prowess and exhibited extraordinary enthusiasm of a very exalted type and remained confident throughout.
         "In the past, none has ever been exclusively victorious in a combat. A hero either had been killed by his adversaries or had killed the enemies, in battle. Such is the destiny proclaimed by the ancients, as highly esteemed for a warrior. A warrior killed in battle, is not to be mourned. Such is the ascertainment of the sacred scriptures.
        "Therefore, containing your grief, proceed with what honour is due to him."
       Vibhishana replied Rama "My dear brother had never been conquered before in battles, including deities lead by Indra. He had given lavish gifts to mendicants. He was a connoisseur of pleasures, which he enjoyed very much. The king's servants were fully maintained. Riches were made over to friends. Grudges against enemies were revenged. He maintained a perpetually sacred fire. He practiced great religious austerities. He completely mastered Vedas, the sacred scriptures. He was highly proficient even in the ritual acts. I desire to do, with you graciousness, that which is to be performed to him, who has departed to the other world."
             Rama, nodding in agreement, advised  Vibhishana to perform the funeral rites to his departed brother. 

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