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375. Vibhishana brings Seetha to Rama.

              Hanuman, returning to where Rama was, told him that Seetha informed him that she was very much eager to see her husband, Rama, at the earliest.
       Rama was overwhelmed to hear that information. Then, drawing a deep and warm breath he told Vibhishana, who was standing nearby "Bring here Seetha, after she has bathed her head, has been anointed with charming cosmetics and adorned with beautiful jewels. Please bring her to me as early as you can.”
      Vibhishana, after collecting suitable dress, ornaments etc. and went to to Seetha accompanied by his own women for helping Seetha to take bath et al. On seeing Seetha he told "O Seetha! Anointed with charming cosmetics and adorned with beautiful jewels, get into the palanquin. Your husband is very eager to see you.”
       Seetha replied "O king of rakshashas! I wish to see my husband, at the earliest. I do not like to waste time in taking bath, dressing up et al."
        Vibhishana told her Rama desires to see her duly dressed and ornamented etc." 
      When Seetha was ready, she was taken into a shining palanquin, covered with an exceedingly valuable cloth and guarded by numerous rakshashas, was being tasken to the presence of Rama. Vibhishana went ahead of her to inform Rama the arrival of Seetha. 
        The thought that he would be seeing Seetha now made Rama feel a mixture of joy, indignation and a sense of misery. He then told Vibhishana to bring her to her presence as soon as she arrives.
       On learning that Seetha was coming in a palanquin to where Rama was stationed, very many rakshashas, bears and vanaras gathered to have a sight of that Seetha for whom the greatest war of that time was fought. Seeing that a large crowd was gathered around the palanquin where Seetha was sitting, Vibhishana ordered his police force to disperse the crowd there quickly. Police rakshashas wearing jackets and turbans and carrying staffs which made a jingling sound, started dispersing those crowd.
         Crowds of bears, vanaras and rakshashas, who were getting rough treatment from the police force, were making all sorts of noise, due to pain, while moving away from the palanquin on all sides. The intensity of the noise created by them was so great, resembling the roar of a sea, lashed by a storm.
        Learning the reason for that outcry,  Rama told Vibishana "Why are these people harassed by your chaps? Stop this exertion. They are my own people. An apartment or a police force is not a thing that protects a woman. Her character is her shield.
          "A woman becoming visible to public in times of a calamity, or in battles, or in Swayamvara or in marriage-functions is not condemned.
       "Seetha underwent quite a lot of stress and distress and was beset with a great difficulty. There is no fault in her appearance in public, particularly in my presence. Therefore let her come to me on foot, leaving the palanquin there. Let these vanaras and others may see Seetha in my presence."
       Vibhishana brought Seetha by foot to Rama, as ordered by him.      However, Lakshmana, Sugreeva and Hanuman  felt very much perturbed. From the pitiless facial features of Rama, showing indifference to his consort, they conjectured that Rama was, in someway, displeased with Seetha. Seetha, for her part, shrinking into her limbs with modesty, approached her husband, duly followed by Vibhishana.
      The pleasant-faced Seetha, who considered her husband as her highest deity, saw the charming face of her husband with surprise, rejoice and affection. Seeing the face of her beloved husband, which had not been seen for a long time and which was charming like the rising full moon, her mental fatigue was dispelled forthwith.

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