Monday, 1 August 2016

376. Rama disowned Seetha.

          Seeing Seetha bowing low respectfully in front of him, Rama's heart started fluttering. Concealing his real feelings, Rama, wearing a grave demeanor, told Seetha with a graver tone "My fair lady! You are won back by me, after conquering your abductor in the battle-field.
         "Now, my manly strength has been seen by all. Today, my toil has borne fruit. Now, I have fulfilled my duty. Today, I am the master of myself. The wrong done to you by a fickle-minded rakshash, has been corrected by me as a human being.
       "What is the use of  prowess, however great, of that man who does not wipe out, by his energy, the insult foisted on him? The praise-worthy act of Hanuman in locating your whereabouts after crossing the ocean, has borne fruit today. The endeavour of Sugreeva, who exhibited his prowess on the battle-field with his army and tendering  good advice, whenever needed, is fruitful today.
       "Furthermore, the exertion of Vibhishana, who after deserting his brother who was void of good qualities sought my presence, is fruitful today.”
       Hearing those words spoken thus by Rama, Seetha with her eyes wide open like those of a female-deer, was bathed in tears. Rama, suppressing his feelings told Seetha in a stern voice "I, in order to retain my honour, have done this particular act of killing Ravana in battle and thus wiping away the insult meted out to me. You have been won by me, whose mind stands purified by asceticism as the southern quarter, which was difficult to be approached by the world of mortals, was conquered by the Sage Agastya.
          "I want you to know that all my efforts in coming over here after crossing the ocean and fighting the rakshashas and their king Ravana and killing them was not undertaken for your sake. This was done by me in order to hold up my reputation, to wipe off any possible slur on my reputation as well as to prevent any possible insinuation on my own illustrious dynasty.
          "You, with a question mark on your character, standing in front of me, are extremely disagreeable to me, like a light to one, who is suffering from a poor eye-sight. O Seetha! That is why, I hereby grant you permission to go wherever you like. All the ten directions are open to you. And I do not require anything from you or any work done by you.
          "Which noble man, born in an illustrious race, will take back a woman who lived in another's abode, with an open mind? Having been born in a very illustrious lineage, how can I accept again you, who was seen in Ravana's lap while being borne away by him and who was seen by him with evil looks?
         "I, hereby, reiterate that you were won by me to retrieve my honour. The honour has been restored by me, now. For me, there is no attachment in you. You are now free to go wherever you like from here. I absolutely will not have any objection if you set your mind on Lakshmana or Bharata.
       "Otherwise, if you like to be united with Shatrughna or Sugreeva or Vibhishana, you may seek him. Seeing you, who are endowed with a beautiful form and attractive to the sense, detained for long in his abode, Ravana could not have endured your separation."
        Hearing that unpalatable speech of her beloved husband, Seetha, who used to hear pleasing words alone, was very much trembled for long, like a creeper attacked by the proboscis of an elephant and thereupon shed torrential tears.

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