Monday, 22 August 2016

383. Rama and others get into the Pushpaka Viman.

               Vibhishana then addressed Rama “Dear Rama! The Pushpaka Viman is ready for your journey back to Ayodhya. Please command me if you want me to do anything else."
       After some circumspection, Rama replied “Since you are asking me that, I would feel very happy if you could do what I want you to. You very well know that all these vanaras and bears have helped me tremendously, caring little for getting hurt or killed, in vanquishing Ravana to get back Seetha. I want to honour them suitably. Now I am as good as a pauper. 
     "However, as Lanka has been conquered by you with the help of these vanaras and bears, ignoring all risk to their lives, you may honour them suitably. I would like you to reward them with gifts of gold and precious stones. They will be very much pleased and happy."
          As desired by Rama, Vibhishana honoured all those vanaras and bears, by dispersing precious stones and gold to them. Thereafter, Rama got into that excellent aerial car carrying Seetha in his arms and followed by Lakshmana
         From the viman Rama addressed the vanaras and bears “I could not have achieved this without your help. Now all of you may go wherever you desire to. O Sugreeva! All that which ought to be done by an affectionate and service-minded friend, has been done for your part by you. Accompanied by your army, proceed to Kishkindha .”
      He then turning to Vibhishana said “O Vibhishana! Settle down in your kingdom at Lanka, conferred by me. Even the celestials including Indra shall not be able to attack you. I am going to Ayodhya, the seat of the government of my father. I bid adieu to you and wish to take leave of you all.”
       Vibhishana and Sugreeva told Rama in unison “We too wish to proceed to Ayodhya. Please take all of us there, where we will range the gardens and groves there with rejoice. After witnessing you drenched with ablution in the coronation ceremony and offering our salutations to Kausalya, we shall return to our homes.”
    Rama agreed readily with a smile. Thereupon, Sugreeva along with his army ascended that Pushpaka, the aerial car. Vibhishana together with his counselors got into it, too.
       When everyone was comfortably seated in that viman, Rama ordered it to move and it zoomed up to the sky above. Feeling greatly rejoiced and satisfied Rama was shining like Kubera.

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