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384. Rama told and showed Seetha this and that.

            From the sky above in that viman, Rama looked down and heaved a sigh of relief. He then turning to his dear wife told her “O Seetha! Look at the City of Lanka,  built by Viswakarmaresting firmly on the mount of Trikuta, looking like the peak of Mount Kailasa . Look at this great battle-field, covered with a mud of flesh and blood of the rakshashas and vanaras.

       “O my sweetheart! This battle field has now become very renowned. Ravana, the king of rakshasas, on whom boons were conferred by Brahma and who was killed here by me for your sake. Almost all valiant and very competent rakshashas like  Kumbhakarna, Prahasta, Dhumraksha  Indrajit were killed here by me or Lakshmana or one of the valiant vanaras and bears.        

      "Here, surrounded by more than a thousand other wives, Ravana's prime wife, Mandodari lamented for Ravana.

          "O Seetha! The beach there is where we spent that night we crossed the ocean.  Do you see the bridge down there. It was build by the vanara army of Sugreeva.  It was engineered by the vanara called Nala. I hereby name it as 'Nala Setu'. It was very difficult one to be built there by anyone other than Nala.
       "O Seetha! See the golden mountain called Mainaka  provided rest and relaxation to Hanuman while he was crossing the ocean in search of you.
       "See that island  in the middle of the ocean. This is where my troops were stationed. At this place, the lord Shiva bestowed his grace on me.
       "Now we have almost crossed the ocean. See the beach down there. It is called Setubandha, adored in all the three worlds. This is very much a sacred spot, capable of washing away all sins. At this very place, Vibhishana met me.
      "O Seetha! See down there. It is the city called Kishkindha, which is full of colourful groves. It was earlier ruled by Vali, whom I killed. Now Sugreeva is the ruler of that city."
       Seetha looked at Rama and told “O king! I wish to land Ayodhya with you, accompanied by the wives of other vanara-chiefs along with Tara and other wives of Sugreeva."
        Rama readily agreed and caused the viman to land at Kiskindha. He also communicated the desire of Seetha to Sugreeva. When everyone emplaned the vimam, it zoomed up.
         After sometime, Rama told Seetha "O Seetha! See down there the lovely mountain. It is called Rishyamuka, endowed with layers of gold and looking like a cloud with lightning.
        "O Seetha! This is where I  met Sugreeva the first time.
        "Here is seen Pampa-river, abounding in lotuses and edged with colourful groves, where I was lamenting with great pain, your loss.
       "The virtuous Shabari was seen by me at the bank of this river. Here we killed Kabandha, who was having arms a Yojana (eight miles) long and over there is seen in the forest of Janasthana. O Seetha, we found Jatayu under that tree. He was mortally wounded by Ravana, during the fight with that rakshash to rescue you.
      "O My dear! What we now see down below is called Panchavati. It is called so because it consists of five banyan trees. This area is where Khara, the rakshash was killed by me along with his brothers, Dushana and the mighty Trishira. See the  enchanting leaf-hut where we lived and from where you were forcibly taken away by Ravana.
       "The river below is the the auspicious and charming river Godavari. The hermitage surrounded with banana-groves is that of Agastya. You can see also the shining hermitage of Sutikshna, the great sage. And over there is seen the hermitage of Sharabhanga, whom the thousand-eyed Indra, came to visit.
       "The hermitage you see now is that of Atri and his sishyas. The place you are seeing now is where  that rakshash Viradha was killed by me. Don't you remember that incident? O Seetha! What you see now is where you met Anusuya, the ascetic lady and the wife of the sage, Atri.
      "Now we are flying over Chitrakuta, the excellent mountain, shining. Bharata came here and requested me to return to Ayodhya.
     "Now we are crossing the beautiful river Yamuna, surrounded by colourful groves. The hermitage you see yonder is that of the Sage Bharadwaja.
     "Now we are over the holy River Ganga, which wends its way through the three worlds heaven, the earth and the subterranean world, whose banks are crowded with flocks of birds and which is lined with trees in full-flowering.
     "We now are over the town of Shringaverapuram, where Guha my friend stays.
    "O Seetha! See the city of my father. Having duly returned, offer your salutation to Ayodhya."

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