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380. Rama meets his dad from heaven.

             After hearing the reason for not accepting Seetha earlier  by him offered by Rama, Lord Shiva told him "O My dear chap! Thank heaven! You accomplished the main task for which you have come to this world. You have erased that scum Ravana, who was a menace for all of us.
          "After successfully completing all the other things like bringing delight to your friends, stabilizing the back-bone of the race of Ikshvaku, getting excellent glory by performing an AshvamedhaYaga etc., you will go to the Heaven. The king Dasharatha, your father in this mortal world and the highly glorious as well as the venerable person, is seated in an aerial car. He now resides in the Swargaloga. You, with your brother Lakshmana go and offer your respectful salutation to him."
      Seeing Rama,  Dasharatha made him sit on his lap and embracing him in his arms, told him "O Rama! I cannot say I like the heaven or dislike it. I would unconditionally and unreservedly like any place if it with you.
     "My dear Rama, today I am very happy for having seeing you, that too when your mind is completely at peace. Now your have vanquished your enemies and rescued your beloved Seetha. I presume that you are aware that the period of your exile has come close to the end.
       "I am very happy to say that I have been redeemed by you, my worthy son, even as Kahola, a brahmana was redeemed by Ashtavakra. O my dear son! I have come to know now that you are the Supreme person, duly enjoined here by the lord of the gods, for the destruction of Ravana.
      "Blessed indeed is Kausalya, who will see you, the conqueror of your enemies, on your return home. Blessed indeed are those men, who will see you returned to the City of Ayodhya and consecrated on the throne as the lord of the earth.
      "I desire to see you reunited with your Bharata, who is affectionate towards you, honest and virtuous. 
    "You almost completed the term of your exile. My pledge was implemented by you. All devas have been fully gratified by your killing of Ravana in battle. Ascending the throne, may you attain a long life, along with your brothers." 
        Rama with joined palms in salutation requested his dad "Be gracious to Kaikeyi and Bharata. Please revoke your curse on my mother Kaikeyi disowning her and her son Bharata."
           Dasharatha gladly agreed to it by saying 'So be it" to Rama. He then embraced Lakshmana and told him "A great gratification has been rendered to me and reward in the form of religious merit earned by you in that you served Rama and Seetha, the princess of Videha kingdom, with devotion. Rama, being pleased with you, you will attain religious merit and extensive glory on earth, as also heaven and excellent power.
        "Rama has been spoken of as the imperceptible, imperishable etc. Having served him, along with Seetha with devotion, you obtained the reward of the practice of all virtues as also celebrity, abundantly."
       He then told Seetha "My daughter, No wrath indeed should be rendered by you towards Rama, for having repudiated you. This has been done by him, wishing for your welfare and in order to demonstrate your purity. This act of entering into fire by you has revealed your true character. There is no need for me to give any instructions about the matter of rendering service to your husband. But, I wanna you to know one thing that is 'He is your supreme deity.' ”
      Dasaratha then taking leave of his sons and Seetha went back to the abode of Indra.

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