Thursday, 18 August 2016

382. Rama gets ready to leave for Ayodhya.

                  In the next morning, after everyone had finished his immediate morning chores, Vibhishana, accompanied by a small army of lovely lasses, sauntering to where Rama was resting and told him after the usual morning greetings “These pretty girls with lotus-like eyes, skilled in the art of decoration, carrying bathing accessories like garments, ornaments, sandal-pastes and beautiful garlands of various kinds will assist you and your wife in bathing.”
        Rama replied him “You better offer this service to the vanaras headed by Sugreeva. You are well aware that Bharata, who was accustomed to all comforts, a delicate youth, the great-armed and the one consistent with the truth is leading his life as an ascetic on my account. Until my dear brother Bharata starts leading his life like a prince he is, ritual bathing, lavish garments and jewels are not to my liking.
     “My prime concern now is to reach the City of Ayodhya at the earliest.”
       Vibhishana whose face became more happy, told Rama with a happy smile “You can reach that city in a day, may be less than that. You surely must have heard about the Pushpaka viman of Kubera. You also should have known that it was usurped by my brother Ravana after conquering Kubera in battle. I have retained it for your sake. Using that viman you can reach Ayodhya in a few hours.
        “O dear Rama! I would, however, like you to stay here for some more time.
        Rama replied Vibhishana “O my dear pal! I am very much obliged to you for your valued counsel. I am very sorry I could not stay here for any length of time. You know my dear bro Bharata is very eagerly awaiting my return.
       “I would like see very early my brother Bharata, who came all the way to the Mount Chitrakuta to take me back to Ayodhya. I feel it would be a sin to make him wait any longer than absolutely necessary. Please, therefore, allow me to go at the earliest. Please, therefore, get that aerial car immediately.”
       As desired by Rama, Vibhishana got that aerial car brought over to where they were.
    Rama, Lakshmana and all others were amazed to see that viman Pushpaka, which resembled a mountain and which could travel everywhere at will.

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