Monday, 15 August 2016

381. Indra's boon to Rama.

                                  After the departure of Dhasharatha, Indra told Rama
"O Rama! Just thanking you for the deed you did for us is not adequate on my part. Therefore, please tell me whatever you now desire most."
        Rama replied "O Indra! I will be highly pleased if you grant me what I desire most at this point of time. I want all the vanaras and the bears who were killed in the war for my sake come back alive, quite hale and healthy. I wish to see all those vanaras and bears, who for my sake, were separated from their sons and wives, be delighted at heart.
         "They were all valiant, proving their energies and did not care about loosing their lives. They made their best efforts and died. O Indra! Restore their lives to them.
        "Those vanaras and bears who did not care for their lives in the course of helping me be re-united with their near and dear ones by your grace. I wish to see the vanaras and bears free from wounds and pains, with augmented strength and valour. Wherever they live, let there be rivers with crystal-clear water, flowers, roots and fruits, even in off-seasons."
          Indra replied Rama "O beloved Rama! I never expected that you will be asking this kind of boon, which is hard to grant. However, I have not denied any offer made by me, nor been revised by me in the past. Therefore, what you desire will come to be. Let all those vanaras and bears, who have been killed in the battle, by the rakshashas and whose heads and arms have been severed, be alive and active again.
        "Without any ill-health and wounds and with boosted strength and valour, the vanaras and bears will rise again, as from a sound sleep. All of them, full of delight, will get re-united with their friends, relatives, kinsmen and family members. Wherever they live, the trees there will look colourful with flowers and fruits, even in the off-season. Rivers too will remain constantly with water."
         All those who did not hear the conversation in this regard between Rama and Indra were surprised to see their pals who were killed in the battle were coming back looking fine.
           Indra then told Rama "O monarch! Proceed to Ayodhya from here. Reassure this illustrious and devoted Seetha. See Bharata, your brother, who is practicing austerities through grief caused by separation from you, Shatrughna and all your mothers. Get yourself consecrated on the throne. Bring rejoice to the citizens, by going there."
          Indra and others then returned to their abode.
         Rama then instructed all the vanaras and bears to take rest in their respective places.

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