Wednesday, 13 July 2016

367. Prelude to the final battle.

   The charioteer of Ravana was feeling very happy that he was able to convince his king about taking him in the chariot away from the battle field. Within his mind he thanked Ravana for the wonderful gift and prayed that his master and king Ravana may live forever or at at least till he himself lives. Thrilled with rapture, that charioteer, happily drove forward the chariot towards Rama in the battle field.
    Rama was able to see that chariot, even when it was at a distance. He observed  that it was coming quite fast with a noise, bearing a large flag-staff, yoked with black horses, endowed with a terrific luster of the sun, filled with lightning-like flags and with a beautiful appearance of a rain-bow.
When that chariot came nearer, Rama noticed that that rakshash was releasing streams of arrows, like a cloud releasing streams of rain, with a noise like that of a bursting mountain, in the direction of Rama. Rama, getting ready to defend and retaliate, told Matali, the charioteer “O Matali! From the way in which that rakshash is rolling forward with a great speed in his chariot, it seems that he is determined to get himself killed by me in the battle.
“I, surely will oblige him. Please drive the chariot in front of him.
 “I would not be presumptuous to give any instructions to you, who is the charioteer to Indra. However, as I am keen to fight with a close attention, I am just reminding you and not giving you any directions nor instructions."
  Extremely pleased with those unpresumptuous words of Rama, Matali, the charioteer of Indra, felt highly gratified and elated. He wanted to do something which would irritate Ravana and produce that magnificent, superb, glorious, sublime, lovely and delightful smile on the face of Rama. With a mischievous smile, Matali passed his immense chariot through the right of the chariot of Ravana in such a way a good lot of dust raised from the hooves of his horses as well as from the wheels of his chariot were thrown on that of Ravana.  Ravana, who himself was also covered with the dust, in addition to the fine layer of dust all over his chariot, was irritated and angry. The enraged Ravana then, with his coppery eyes wide open, hurled on Rama, who stood facing his chariot, many arrows.
Rama holding the bow of Indra, which was supposed to be much better than most of all other bows, hurled arrows of enormous power and speed and were shining like sun-beams. Then began that great epical battle of all times between the two top warriors of that time viz. Rama and Ravana, each one of them desirous of killing the other.
 All the deities in the firmament, which was overcrowded,  were sure that Rama would kill that vicious rakshash Ravana in that battle, . All of them wanted to assist Rama in some subtle way. They, therefore, caused terrific portents that would appear to  give an augury of doom to Ravana and prosperity to Rama.
  Seeing the portents that were inimical to him made Ravana irritated and worried.
  Pleasant and auspicious omens, depicting victory of Rama appeared on all the sides of Rama. Seeing the pleasant omens predicting his victory, Rama was very much pleased and his self-confidence increased enormously, which in turn enhanced his prowess in that combat.


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