Friday, 8 July 2016

365. Ravana returns to the battle field.

               A few minutes of rest cleared Ravana's mind. When he opened wide all his twenty eyes and looking hither and thither, he realized what happened. And he became highly angry with his charioteer. He shouted at his charioteer "O! you lousy skunk! What the hell have you done? All the worlds will now think me as a coward. Despising me as though I am bereft of manliness, incapable, deficient in prowess, cowardly, petty-minded, devoid of energy, bereft of brilliance, deserted of conjuring tricks and abandoned by mystic missiles. You made everyone think I got scared and ran away from the battle field. Why have you carried away this chariot of mine, thus humiliating me in the presence of my enemies?
          "Stupid fellow! Today you have erased my fame which was earned through a long period, prowess, vital power and the trust of people. While my adversary, having an illustrious prowess and making all the onlookers delightful through feats of his valour, stood looking on proudly, you made me a laughing stock of all the worlds.
         "Tell me who enticed you to do such an act that will bring ill fame for me. This act, which has been done by you, is only befitting of enemies. This is indeed not the work of a friend, who wishes me well. If you consider yourself very faithful to me, drive back the chariot swiftly to the battle field."
         The harsh and angry words of of the irritated Ravana pained very much his absolutely loyal charioteer. With tears brimming his eyes he politely entreated his master and king Ravana "Your Majesty! I was neither frightened nor stupid. I was not bribed by the enemies. My act was not a blunder. I was not disloyal to you. I have not forgotten the benefits conferred by you time and again. And I assure you, sir, I am absolutely and totally loyal to you and will remain so till my last moment of life. I thought that a few moments of rest will bring back your prowess, valour etc.
       "O monarch! Once again I assure you that I am totally loyal to you and I assure you that I will not take any action involving you which is not beneficial to you. I understood and realized your exhaustion due to your strenuous fighting in the battle.
     "The horses of the chariot were broken down and were exhausted. They became miserable and thoroughly fatigued, like the cows lashed by heavy rain. I was seeing inauspicious portends. Sir, you know very well that one of the important duties of a charioteer is to evaluate portents as to whether it is propitious or unpropitious, time and place, good or bad, facial as also the strength and weakness of the warrior occupying the chariot. 
         "I have been taught that the eminences and the depressions of the ground as well as the parts which are level and rugged, the time appropriate for the combat and the visible weak points of the enemy must be evaluated by a charioteer. I have also been taught when and how to arrive and retreat, how and when to hold one's position and to recede by me as a  charioteer.
       "In view of the above I humbly submit that the action taken by me was quite appropriate. It would give rest to you and these horses.
     "Your Majesty! If you are still not satisfied with my explanation, command me what am I to do now."
     Satisfied with the explanation given by his charioteer and applauding him in many ways, Ravana gave him an ornament from his neck and told his charioteer to take the chariot back to the battle field. The happy charioteer promptly obeyed and started the chariot towards Rama in the battle field.

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