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251. Hanuman visits Seetha once again.

         Hanuman then assuming a small stature sneaked into the Ashoka Vana without being seen by the rakshasis guarding Seetha. He surprised Seetha who was found sitting at the foot of the Ashoka tree, by exclaiming  "Thank heaven! I am extremely relieved to see you uninjured here!"
       Seetha was surprised as well as glad to see Hanuman.  She told him "O Hanuman, the annihilator of enemies! It seems you alone are quite adequate to face Ravana and his cronies. Your elevated energy is  indeed incredible. However, it will be appropriate for Rama to  take me with him, after destroying the hostile forces and  routing Lanka with his arrows.
         "Therefore, you inveigle Rama with your manoeuvrability to come over here to rescue and take me back without any delay.”
         Nodding his head vigorously in agreement, Hanuman said "Rama, accompanied by the leaders of vanaras and bears, will come at the earliest and after conquering the enemies in battle, will drive away your grief and take you with him."
            Hanuman, the son of Vayu, after consoling Seetha, saluted her with reverence, sought her permission to leave, which was duly granted by her nod. Thereafter, Hanuman the Bond of Ramayanam and the annihilator of enemies, with an anxious desire to see his lord, ascended the Mount Arishta of excellence.
           That mountain was covered  with dark green rows of gardens inhabited by huge elephants with red spots on their skin and with  clouds hanging between its summits like an upper garment. By metals scattered here and there, looking like eyes drawing up the eye-lids, the mountain looked like being awakened, as it were, with love by the bright rays of the sun.
        The deep roaring sound of running streams of water in that mountain  seemed to be  reciting the scriptures at a high pitch. The mountain  with its uplifted arms in the form of very lofty deodars seemed to be shouting loudly  on all sides, in the form of the sound of its cascades.
          The waving of the dark thick autumn groves made the mountain seemed  trembling. The sound created when the wind passes through the hollow bamboos looked as if the mountain was whistling. The mountain seemed hissing  with fury, when its terrible and most poisonous snakes were moving hither and thither.
         The mountain was embellished with a number of summits and adorned with numerous caves scattered at many places and endowed with many sal, palmyrah, karna and bamboo trees. The mountain was adorned with clusters of creepers having plenty of flowers, filled with a number of summits and adorned with numerous caves scattered at many places.
       The mountain was endowed with many cascades, crowded together with heaps of rocks and frequented by great sages, Yakshas, Gandharvas, Kinnaras and celestial serpents. The mountain was exquisite with creepers and trees, having caves inhabited by lions, spread over with numerous tigers and endowed with sweet roots and fruit-trees.
          The exuberant Hanuman, the son of Vayu,  excited with extreme joy, in a hurry to see Rama, briskly ascended that mountain. Then, the rocks in the charming table-land of the mountain, on which the soles of Hanuman pressed heavily, were crushed with a noise and fell to pieces.
        Eager to reach the northern shore from the southern shore of that ocean, Hanuman ascended that mountain and assumed a humongous size. He then jumped up and entered the sky towards northern direction, like a wind, from southern direction. Pressed vigorously by Hanuman, that fantastic mountain sank into the bowels of the earth along with the various living beings and made a noise sounding like a groan, with its shaking summits and toppling trees.
         Shaken by the impetus of the thighs of Hanuman, trees in blossom were broken and fell down on earth, as though struck by a thunder-bolt. The lions resting in their caves were annoyed and roared terribly, the noise of which was heard by the birds flying in  the sky. The females of Vidyadhara class of supernatural beings residing in that mountain were terrified by that noise which caused their whole body shake due to fear, which in turn caused the  disorder of their attire and their ornaments fell off; and all of them left the mountain hurriedly. Large poisonous serpents of immense size, possessing vigour and having fiery tongues were also frightened and lay down coiled with their heads and necks severely pressed.
     Leaving that tormented mountain of excellence Kinnaras, Nagas, Gadharvas, Yakshas and Vidyadharas ascended to the sky. Pressed down by that strong Hanuman, that beautiful mountain having its elevated summits crowned with trees entered the bowels of the earth.
         That mountain, with a width of ten yojanas (about eighty miles) and a height of thirty yojanas (about two hundred and forty miles) got level with the earth. 

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