Wednesday, 15 April 2015

255. Jambavan's sensible advice prevailed.

           Hanuman's suggestion was endorsed by Angada who said "After our locating and seeing Seetha, it is not proper for us to approach and meekly report that fact to Rama without taking Seetha with us. What reply can we give if he asks us why we did not bring her to him?
      "O my valiant comradess! No one is equal to us in our prowess nor anyone who can leap like us in all the worlds. Hanuman has killed a  good lot of rakshasas. What work is remaining to be done by us? We will go after rescuing Janaki."
       Jambavan, the foremost among the forest-animals and regarded as the  wisest among them was very much pleased to see the mood of the party as a whole. But for obvious reasons he could not agree with them. He told them mildly  "O prince! I understand your mood and enthusiasm. Though I agree in toto of what you said about the competency, prowess, valor etc. of this our party, I feel that it would not be proper for us
to embark the task of rescuing Seetha ourselves. I am sure you all will agree that without knowing what Rama's inclination would be, it would not be proper for us to act ourselves for the accomplishment of the objective."
        Angada and others agreed with the sagacious Jambavan. And in a jolly good mood the entire party prepared for their return to Kishkinda.

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