Thursday, 23 April 2015

258. Dadhimukha was disappointed.

              Sugreeva was completely at a loss as to why this guy Dadhimukha  fell touching his feet with his head. He asked him "O my dear chap! Stand up, rise! Why have you fallen on my feet? I grant you immunity from punishment for any misdemeanor you have committed. Tell me what wrong did you commit?"
            Thus inspired by the king Sugreeva with confidence, that highly clever  Dadhimukha, rising up, said "O king! Madhuvana was never open to public previously at any time by Riksharajas, your father, nor by you, nor by Vali. Now that Madhuvana has been occupied by some vanaras. When my guards of the grove tried to prevent them, they disregarded the guards and continued to eat the fruits and drink the honey too. Some were throwing away the remnant of honey after drinking it there and some others were consuming that remnant.
         "When the guards of the grove tried to drive them off from the grove, those arrogant  vanaras threatened them. O Sir! Then, those valiant vanaras in large numbers, having their red eyes in anger, drove away our guards. They struck some of the guards with their hands. They beat some of them with their knees. They dragged some of them and tossed them into air. While you are in the position of our king, those vanaras have beaten these valiant guards and are eating away the entire Maduvana."
        Lakshmana, who happened to come there asked Sugreeva why that vanara Dadhimukha had come there and what was he telling about. Sugreeva replied "O esteemed Lakshmana! Dadhimukha has come to report that a party of vanaras entered the grove Madhuvana, which is one of my properties and this guy is the chief guardian of the same. After entering they plundered and pillaged it and drank all the honey and fruits available there. No one other than the party of vanaras sent to south would dare to enter that grove. The very fact that they are indulging in revelry indicates that they have accomplished the task for which they have been sent.
       "It is now obvious that Seetha has been found. There is no doubt. None other than Hanuman must have found Seetha. There is none other in that party more competent than Hanuman. That Hanuman is instilled with the capability to accomplish any given task. He has the intelligence, strenuousness, vigour, effort and learning. Where Jambavan as well as Angada are the leaders and Hanuman  the administrator, the result of that work cannot be otherwise.
       "It is now reported that Madhuvana has been rummaged by the heroes led by Angada and the garden-guards who tried to prevent  them were beaten up. If those vanaras have not found Seetha, they would not have the heart or energy to abuse the charming grove, which was granted to me as a boon."
          Hearing the words coming from the mouth of Sugreeva, which were pleasant for the ears, Rama was rejoiced. The mighty Lakshmana  was very much rejoiced.
      Sugreeva with a charming neck was very much pleased told Dadhimukha, the guardian of the grove "I am happy that Madhuvana has been enjoyed by those vanaras, who have accomplished their assignment. Since the damage to the grove done by those vanaras, who have accomplished their purpose is fit to be forgiven. I pardon them. I, together with Rama and Lakshmana, soon desire to see them and to hear about their effort in finding out Seetha."

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