Monday, 27 April 2015

260. Hanuman conveys Seetha's message.

             Headed by Angada, the prince in their forefront the rest of the vanaras, on reaching Mount Prasravana with forests of variegated appearance, offered their salutation to Rama and the mighty Lakshmana, as well as Sugreeva respectfully.
           Rama now knowing that his dear better half was found, asked them "Where is Seetha, the princess? How is she disposed of towards me? Tell me all that about Seetha."
           Angada nodded to Hanuman indicating him to tell about Seetha. Hanuman then started telling with a nod "Crossing the ocean of a hundred Yojanas wide, I reached the southern shore in search of Seetha, Janaka's daughter. There at the southern shore of that ocean, there is a city called Lanka ruled by that evil minded rakshash Ravana. O Rama! There, living in Ravana's gynaecium in the city, I saw the lady Seetha, your virtuous wife, craving in her heart for you.
       "In that pleasure garden, I saw Seetha sitting in the midst of fearsome rakshashis, who were guarding as well as threatening her from time to time.
       "I saw Seetha wearing a single plait due to desolation, looking miserable, remaining absorbed in your thought, reposing on the floor, having discoloured limbs like a lotus in winter, spurning the wish from Ravana, having determined to die, and thinking of you alone. Seetha trusted me, after I slowly described to her the fame of Ikshvaku dynasty. Thereafter, I spoke and explained  Seetha, about the entire significance and purpose of my arrival there. She was quite pleased to hear about the alliance between you and Sugreeva. Her morality as well as her devotion in you are steadfast. I thus saw that illustrious Seetha, endowed with severe penance and devotion towards you.
         "She told me as a token of remembrance the anecdote concerning a crow occurred when you two were in the Mount Chitrakuta area. Seetha also told me 'O Hanuman! Inform Rama, the foremost among men, all that you have seen here. While Sugreeva is hearing nearby while you are telling the words in this way, let this jewel, which is deliberately well-guarded, be given to Rama. This beautiful jewel for the head has been well-guarded by me. You also ought to recall a mark painted by him on the curve of my cheek with the powder of an orange-red rock, when my former mark on my forehead got effaced. This beautiful jewel, which has its origin in sea-water, may be handed over to my dear husband Rama. Seeing this in my grief, I am feeling always happy as though I am seeing him.
     " 'Tell my dear husband that I shall be sustaining my life for a month. I cannot survive beyond one month.' 
    "O Rama! I have narrated to you whatever has occurred, in its entirety between Seetha and me. Let a bridge be constructed, by all means, over the waters of the ocean.”
         After hearing Hanuman, Rama and Lakshmana lessened their worries about Seetha and became confident.


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