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259. Hanuman cried 'Non inveni eam, Non inveni eam, Non inveni eam.'

           Dadhimukha felt relieved to hear those words of Sugreeva. He was terribly scared that Sugreeva may punish him for not preventing the rummage of Maduvana. With a light heart he offered his salutation with reverence to Rama and Lakshmana. Thereafter, offering salutation to Sugreeva, Dadhimukha accompanied by his valiant guards, sprang into the air. Dadhimukha on entering Madhuvana, noticed that the intruders had shed their intoxication to a very great extent. Greeting them in a friendly manner Dadhimukha approached them cheerfully and then told Angada "O gentle sir! Due to their ignorance, these guards in anger, obstructed you from entering the grove. Please pardon them.  You are the prince and also the master of this grove. We made a mistake. After going to Kishkinda, I informed your uncle about the arrival of all of you here.
          "Hearing that, your uncle was exceedingly pleased. I mildly informed him of the rough handling of Madhuvana and he did not mind it at all. Sugreeva, your uncle, our lord  and  king was pleased and told me to dispatch all of you to him with utmost promptitude."
              Hearing these smooth words of Dadhimukha, Angada told his party "My dear chaps! I assume that Rama must have guessed that it was we who rested at this Madhuvana and that we have successfully accomplished the task for which we were sent. Hence, it is not proper for us to remain here any longer. All of you get ready for the take off in a few minutes.
           "I shall do whatever my superiors are telling me to do. Despite the fact that I am the crown prince I am not the master to command you. It is not befitting for me to play the lord over you, who have accomplished the task."
          Very much pleased to hear the irrefutably tactful words spoken by the modest Angada, all the vanaras shouted in unison "O prince, the foremost of vanaras! Who would speak like this, while he is the lord? Every one indeed thinks one's supremacy with an excited arrogance and says 'I, I'. It is so worthy of you alone that you have spoken such unpretentious  words. None else would say like this. Your humility itself is promising of your future suitableness for prosperity. All of us, who reached here, are waiting for your signal to go to that place from where Sugreeva, the proud king of the heroic vanaras, is ruling. Without your command, it is not proper for us to move  even a step forward.” Angada smiled and said  "Thanks! Let us make the move now, pronto."
             All the mighty vanaras then sprang into the air like stones shot from a catapult. While they were in the sky above, Sugreeva, their king was pacifying the worried Rama, who was apprehensive "Dear friend! Calm yourself. I am absolutely certain that the southbound party has located Seetha. It is obvious that they were not able to locate her within the time limit given to them. It is so evident  that they did not like to return without finding Seetha.
       "Angada, the long-armed prince and the most excellent of vanaras would not return and see my face if they failed to locate Seetha. 
        "If Angada is not happy, he would not have damaged my madhuvana, which belongs to my father and grandfather as well as protected by my forbears. There is no doubt that you will soon hear the happy news. None other than Hanuman would have located Seetha.
       "O Rama, my friend! Hanuman is instilled with the ability  to accomplish any objective with his intelligence, strenuous effort and vigour. I am positive that with Jambavan as a leader, Angada as the commander and Hanuman as the administer, they would definitely have accomplished the task.
        "O Rama, of unlimited prowess! Do not bother yourself with troubled thoughts now......" Before he could finish his sentence he  heard certain sounds expressing joy, from the sky above. Looking up he saw that it was the south-bound party coming back.
       Those heroes, led by Angada, exceedingly pleased as they were and filled with joy, landed at the vicinity of Sugreeva and Rama. Immediately thereafter, Hanuman, guessing the anxiety of Rama rushed crying 'Non inveni eam; Non inveni eam; Non inveni eam'  to where Rama and others were waiting and after offering his salutation to Rama and others, informed Rama that he found Seetha the princess who was in constant  devotion to Rama and sound in body.
   Thereupon, Lakshmana looked with love and admiration at the joyful Sugreeva, who earlier decidedly predicted that Hanuman would be the one who had accomplished the task of locating Seetha. Rama, who obtained a great joy, looked at Hanuman with a high esteem.

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