Tuesday, 21 April 2015

257. Dadhimukha rushed to Kishkindha.

    Hearing that Madhuvana was being damaged, Dadhimukha, the in-charge was enraged and told them "Come on fellows. We will show them what we are.”
         Headed by Dadhimukha, all the guards started towards the frolickers to stop them from doing any more damage to the grove. Grasping a tree, Dadhimukha took up his position in the middle of his enraged guards who, equipped themselves with trees, rocks  and whatever they could use as a weapon.
      Well armed under the leadership of Dadhimukha and  arrogant of their strength now, the guards reached the place where the revellers were revelling.
      Seeing Dadhimukha along with his guards coming with an angry mood, Hanuman and others prepared themselves for retaliation.
      In the ensuing tussle Dadhimukha and his guards were trounced.
      Dadhimukha was afflicted with  broken arms, thighs and shoulders. Drenched in blood he lost his consciousness for a moment. Dadhimukha, Sugreeva's maternal uncle, quickly recovering his breath, was enraged and resisted those opponents, who were highly intoxicated because of drinking of honey.
       Realizing that he and his force were no match for the intruders, Dadhimukha decided to go to Kishkinda and report the matter to Sugreeva. He sneaked out along with one of his most trusted aides and told him "Let these trespassers stay here. Let us go to the place where the thick-necked Sugreeva, our lord stays together with Rama. I will make known to the king, all the misdeeds of Angada. Hearing my words, the enraged king will get all these vanaras killed. This Madhuvana is very much cherished by our king, Sugreeva. He got it  derived from his father and grand father. It is so charming and is not allowed to be approached even by celestials.
      "The longevity of these vanaras got reduced because of their thoughtless act of damaging this beautiful grove. Sugreeva will get all of them killed as a punishment. These evil-minded beings, who disregarded the royal command, are fit to be punished so. Our wrath, springing from our impatience, will indeed become fruitful."
        Dadhimukha and his guards left that Madhuvana and reached Kishkindha shortly. Seeing Rama, Lakshmana and Sugreeva, Dadhimukha descended from the sky. Dadhimukha, the chief of the guards, surrounded by all those garden-guards, made with a long face,  a respectful salutation to Sugreeva with his head, by falling down and touching with his head, the auspicious feet of Sugreeva.

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