Thursday, 9 April 2015

252. Hanuman rejoined his team at the Mount Mainaka.

        This time Hanuman did not have any inhibition whatsoever. Like his dad, Hanuman started flying across the boundless sea looking analogous to the sky, like a large ship crossing the ocean. In that pleasant and auspicious sea-like sky, shone the moon as a white lotus, having the constellations known by the names of Pushya and Shravana as swans, the clouds as its duck-weeds, the twin constellations Punarvasus as its large fish, the planet Mars as its large alligator, a large island as Airavata , graced with a swan in the form of the constellation, Swati, having gales as its waves, the moon beams as its cool water and with the Nagas, Yakshas and Gandharvas as its full blown lotuses and water-lilies.
          While floating like his papa in the sky, our hero Hanuman appeared as if wallowing the sky, snatching the moon and carrying it with its stars and the disc of the sun and dragging asunder a mass of clouds.
         Dense clouds of various mixed colours like white and red, blue and yellow and green and reddish brown  shone brightly in the sky. Passing through a cluster of clouds now and then, Hanuman appeared like the moon becoming visible and invisible again and again. Our hero Hanuman, who was clad in white clothes, passing through dark clouds now and again seemed to be playing hide and seek like the moon in the sky.
          Tearing through the cluster of clouds now and then  with a thunderous sound, Hanuman, our Janmes Bond of Ramayanam, looked like the Garuda the eagle, in the sky.
          Approaching the proximity of the great Mountain Mahendra looking like a dense cloud,  Hanuman  announced his return by a loud roar which sounded like the rumbling of thunder, filled the whole space in all directions. Having reached his destination, Hanuman ardently desirous of seeing his friends, roared and waved his tail.
           Those mighty heroes who were waiting eagerly on the northern shore of the sea to see Hanuman, heard the sound produced by the sweeping motion of Hanuma's thighs, which resembled the roar of a rumbling thunder.
          All those vanarass, who were distressed in mind wondering what happened to their dear pal, smiled with joy on hearing Hanuman's roar and waved enthusiastically their hands and tails welcoming their dear buddy.
       Jambavan, the foremost among the vanaras and bears, with his mind thrilled with joy shouted "Hi! folks! Hanuman has accomplished his assignment in every way. Betcha he has found Seetha."
           Watching Hanuman gliding like Garuda on the sky over the ocean all the vanaras excitingly crying and jumping with joy welcoming their comrade   back. It is needless to mention that the entire south-bound party gathered on the sandy shore of the ocean. Seeing Hanuman all the vanaras waved their hands and tails at their mate  as a mark of happy welcome. The swift Hanuman, looking like a mountain, then descended on the summit of that Mount Mahendra, thick with trees. Hanuman, like a mountain, landed on the shores of the ocean  to join his cronies. All the vanaras, with their pleasing hearts, stood surrounding the victorious Hanuman. All the vanaras, with their delightful faces, presented him roots and fruits. 
      Hanuman then offered his salutation in strict protocol, to wit Jambavan the eldest in the first place, and then Angada, the prince and then others. Jambavan and Angada effusively welcomed back that victorious and venerable Hanuman. The others graciously followed suit. Hanuman informed them that he had seen Seetha.
      Then, seizing the hand of Angada, Vali's son, Hanuman sat down at a distinct spot in the charming forest of Mount Mahendra. Then Hanuman told the leader of the party "I saw that Seetha, the daughter of Janaka, who was being kept in the Ashoka vana, guarded unblemished by highly dreadful rakshashis. She, looking  young  as she was, was wearing a single braid, longing to see Rama, thoroughly fatigued due to her fasting, with her hair twisted together, wearing soiled clothes and looking emaciated."
        The news that Seetha was located made all the vanaras extremely happy. Some imitated lion's roar. Some shouted appropriate words of approbation. Some were making a sound of thunder. Some others produced cries expressing joy.
          Some eminent vanaras expressed their joy by lifting their tails  up and waving their distended curved tails. Some vanaras, not knowing how to express their appreciation simply touched fondly Hanuman, who resembled an elephant.
        Angada, looking admiringly at Hanuman said "O Hanuman! You have established beyond any doubt that no one is equal to you in strength and prowess, by crossing this extensive ocean and returning after successfully completing the task of finding Seetha. Your devotion to our Lord Rama is amazing! What a wonderful prowess! What a surprising courage! By our good fortune, we have you, who has located the illustrious Seetha, Rama's consort, in our team. Thank heaven! Rama can now shed his sorrow born out of Seetha's separation."
       Very much relieved and delighted, all the vanaras then sat on extensive flat rocks encircling Angada, Hanuman and Jambavan very much eager to hear the details of and  about the crossing of the ocean and the details as to how he located Seetha and what happened after that until his return. All of them waited with their joined palms, to hear Hanuman's escapade in this regard. The captain Angada encircled by his team of vanaras, waited like Indra the lord of celestials, who was waited upon by celestials in heaven. 

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